Top Shampoo Manufacturers in the UK

Top Shampoo Manufacturers in the UK

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Top Shampoo Manufacturers in the UK

An Assortment of Shampoos

Shampoos are liquid-based hair care products that do more than unjust cleaning. They are highly developed, infused with ingredients and components that strengthen the hair, make it look better while getting rid of unwanted impurities like dandruff, sebum, dust and chemical residues from other hair products. This makes shampoos the largest segment of all hair care cosmetics.

In the United Kingdom, there are many establishments that manufacture shampoos for its diverse market. The stand-out manufacturers include the following.

An Assortment of Shampoos
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Viaderm Logo

Located in Brentwood Trade Park, Essex, Viaderm has been in the shampoo manufacturing business for over a decade now. The company has invested heavily in research to ensure that their products remain competitive in a market that is saturated by thousands of shampoo makers. Their specialty is around the manufacture of small tube shampoos which includes the branding and the packaging depending on the needs of the clients. 

Every ingredient that goes into their shampoos is monitored closely by a team of specialists who enforce the highest standards of quality control. All their products are batch-coded which makes it possible for each tube of shampoo to be traced back.


Surefil Logo

Surefil is one of the many private label shampoo manufacturers in the UK that was established in 1980 by three colleagues who had been made redundant in their previous works. Over the years, the company has been involved in the creation of some of the most-in-demand shampoo products in the United Kingdom, thanks to their company practices that ensure only the products that pass the quality test are allowed to reach the market.

Surefil makes use of the latest technologies in the market to be able to meet the demands of a growing market. Having been in the game for over 40 years, Surefil can be considered to be a veteran in the shampoo making business and proof that the products pack all the benefits that long experience can accord a product.


Ileezon Logo

For over 20 years, Ileezon is a private label shampoo manufacturer that has actively been supplying China and the rest of the world with high-quality shampoo products as well as other hair and personal care products. The FDA registered manufacturer uses the state of the art equipment and technologies to create some of the most in-demand hair products you will ever come across. Located in Huadu district in Guangzhou, Illezon handles the manufacturing, branding, packaging, and distribution, providing thousands of jobs along the way.

Their manufacturing process is split into three parts; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. All three combine seamlessly to ensure that the final product meets all the required standards.


Herrco Logo

Herrco has been whipping up high-quality shampoos for over two decades, if you walk into any beauty shop you are bound to run into a Herrco made product, proof of their quality. The company is based in Suffolk and they rely heavily on nature when it comes to procuring ingredients for their products. Herrco shampoos can be described to be among the most organic hair products you will ever find in the United Kingdom.

As proof of their excellence in incorporating natural and safe ingredients in their shampoos, Herrco has won several prestigious awards over the years, including the 2011 Beauty Insiders Choice CEW and the Pure Beauty and Natural Health awards.

Reabrook Health & Beauty

Reabrook Logo

Reabrook Health & Beauty is a highly diversified manufacturer that dabbles in beauty products, personal care, toiletries as well as aerosols. Their biggest focus however is the manufacture of shampoos. Located in Midlands, the company has been operational since 1999 and also borrows heavily from nature when it comes to procuring their ingredients. 

The company transitioned into an employee-owned establishment in 2018, which means the people involved in the creation of the shampoos are highly invested in the manufacturing process to ensure that they produce high-quality products all the time to stay afloat. Reabrook Health & Beauty handles its own packaging and branding, thanks to a team of highly qualified creative design excerpts.

Acheson & Acheson Limited

Acheson & Acheson Limited Logo

Acheson & Acheson Limited was established in 1992 by Kenneth and Fiona Acheson, a married couple. The company quickly established itself as the ultimate supplier of beauty products across the United Kingdom, a role they continue to execute till today. They currently have 3 facilities distributed across the nation to ensure their products are able to reach their clients faster and easier.

Aside from shampoos, Acheson & Acheson Limited also dabbles in facial creams, bath and shower gels, hair coloring products as well as perfumes and fragrances.


The demand for hair products around the world is increasing each year. This demand has punished many companies specializing in the creation of these products to plug the void while keeping competition at bay at the same time. As a consumer, it is easy to get confused about which product to go for, you can use this comprehensive list as a good starting point in your search.

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