#1 Ingredient Preparation
To begin with, our operators weigh raw ingredients using different devices depending on the nature of them, to ensure the precise ratio of each ingredient.
#2 Blending
In this stage, based on your product formulation, different kinds of ingredients will be added in proper sequence and blended in our open mixing tank, closed mixing tank or vacuum mixing tank, to prepare for the next step.
  • Open Mixing Tank
  • Closed Mixing Tank
  • Vacuum Mixing Tank
#3 Emulsifying
Each type of product formulation has its corresponding technological process. Our technical staff will follow the formula-technical-process-standards to ensure related ingredients been emulsified at our wanted condition.
  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
#4 Semi-Finished Product Testing
When emulsion is done, the semi-finished products will first be sampled and tested. Only when the sample was approved by our QC team will all the rest semi-finished product stand for more than 72 hours.
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Physicochemist Testing
#5 Bottling
Semi-finished products will then be filled into tubes, bottles, jars, and sprays – from 5ml to 4000ml in size. Our equipment includes:
  • Full-automatic Constant temperature filling machine
  • Room temperature filling machine
#6 Outer-Packing
Good packaging means safe receipt. ileezon pays attention to your goods' outer-Packing so you don't have to.
  • Full-automatic shrink-wrapping
  • Heat Tunnels
  • Semi-automatic wrapping machine
  • Full-automatic double head labeling machine
  • Jet printer