#1 Pre-Production Quality Control

At ileezon, quality control starts before anything else. From ingredients and packing materials, air quality, water purification and room control, all info is recorded and coded.

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Water Purification
  • Air Purification
  • Packing MaterialInspection
  • Room Temperature/
    Humidity Control
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    Raw Material Inspection

    We require all our ingredient suppliers to provide material analysis in the first place. Upon receiving them, our QC team conducts analysis on raw materials, making sure they meet our clients' standards.

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    Water Purification

    ileezon have been strictly following the GMP standard since we designed of the factory workshop. With the 300 thousand level purification workshop designed, all cosmetic products are proven to be produced at very clean and dust-free production room.

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    Air Purification

    Air quality is essential in the making of hair products. The air quality in our factory workshop is followed the related industrial standards.

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    Packing Material Inspection

    All packing suppliers are well rated and evaluated and are required to inspect packings piece by piece. Upon receiving them, our QC team conducts analysis on incoming packing materials and send approved ones to storage.

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    Room Temperature/ Humidity Control

    High temperature and high humidity can easily cause baterial infections. ileezon QC Team closely monitors and records temperature and high humidity in our production site.

#2 During Production Quality Control

During this stage, our QC Team performs spot inspections during this procudure and have record everything in between.

  • Machine Sterilization
  • Spot Inspection
  • Semi-Finished
    Product Sample Tested
  • Semi-Finished Product
    Sample Coded & Reserved
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    Machine Sterilization

    All machines including packaging machines should be sterilized to ensure that no bateria would be spread.

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    Spot Inspection

    Spot inspections are conducted to ensure that all products are manufactured under strict Good Manufacturer Pratices.

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    Semi-Finished Product Sample Tested

    All semi-finished need to go through both physicochemical and microbiological tests before being approved for mass production.

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    Semi-Finished Product Sample Coded & Reserved

    Semi-finished product sample will be coded, dated and reserved for future inspection.

#3 Final Production Quality Control

In this stage, semi-finished products are filled. Finished products will go through physicochemical test and microbiological tests.

  • Finished Product Sample Tested
  • Finished Product Sample
    Coded & Reserved
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    Finished Product Sample Tested

    All finished need to go through physicochemical tests before being shipped to our clients.

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    Finished Product Sample Coded & Reserved

    Finished product samples will be coded, dated, reserved and observed for 3 three years. Our chimist will closely observe the samples on a regular basis and find the best solution in case of any occurence.