R&D Facility

Innovation is the key

Our highly skilled Research & Development team are constantly studying the latest ingredients and techniques in hair industry with a keen eye for our clients' needs. Each year, more than 100 formulas are developed for various hair types and various functions.

A typical formulation process is: market research, formulate according to demands with application of new ingredients and techniques, sample and test on real hair, human hair and be used by hair stylist for feedback, the formula will be modified and developed again and again until the R&D team is satisfied with what it does, then it goes through its final microbiological tests and become a stock formula.

Leagality comes first

Regulations on cosmetics in each country are constantly changing. Ileezon's strengths lie in always keeping track of how these regualtions change and modify our formulas to embrace the change so that our clients do not have to worry about legal works.