Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Australia

Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Australia

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Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Australia

A Bottle of Shampoo

The process of manufacturing shampoos can  be split into two main phases. The first one involves a process called Compounding which brings together all the ingredients and uses the laid out formula to start creating the foundation of the shamoo. The second phase is the quality control and packaging, where the product is tested to see if it performs as required and those that pass the test are packaged ready for shipment.

Australia has been a major player in the shampoo industry and is credited with some of the biggest brands on the global scene. Some of the tipo shampoo manufacturers that can be found there include the following.

A Bottle of Shampoo
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Tripak Pharmaceuticals

Tripak Pharmaceuticals Logo

Tripak Pharmaceuticals is more than a simple manufacturer of shampoos, the company is a huge enterprise that has interests in pharmaceuticals, skincare, nutriceuticals, hair care, health food, and supplements. Our great focus here is their dabbling in shampoos and conditioners. The company handles its own branding and packaging on top of investing heavily in research and development that has seen its products being used all over Australia as well as its surrounding neighbors.

Tripak has several branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne.

Clover Fields

Clover Fields Logo

Clover Fields is Australia’s oldest family-owned company that was started in 1983 as a soap manufacturer that has grown ever since to diversify into other areas like polish making and shampoo manufacturing. All the ingredients that go into fashioning their products are all sourced from Australia which makes the company somewhat of national pride among the people.

The main headquarters is located in New South Wales from where the packaging and distribution to other parts of the country are handled. Their catalog has grown to include body creams and butter, bubble baths, shower gels, body scrubs, and linen sprays, among many others


Ileezon Logo

For close to 20 years, Ileezon has been producing high-quality hair and personal care products for its extensive local and global market. Located in Guangzhou, the company employs some of the latest manufacturing technologies that ensure they stay ahead of their competitors. Their catalog has a very wide range and includes styling products like hair gels, hair care products like hair serums, shampoos, and conditioners, hair straightening products like perming sets, among many others. Their work has been recognized globally, betting them various awards over the years.

Machiaj Laboratories

Machiaj Laboratories Logo

Machiaj Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading natural cosmetic manufacturers whose catalog includes skincare products, tanning, and body care. Based in Melbourne, Machiaj Laboratories has been operational for over 30 years which has given the company immense experience in dispensing the best shampoos you will ever come across when you visit the many Australian beauty shops. On top of manufacturing, the company also handles its own branding which is run by a team of highly qualified graphic design experts. 


Trulux Logo

Trulux is a high volume manufacturer of hair care products that is based in Sydney. It uses a highly advanced custom manufacturing system that ensures that every product that comes off their assembly line bears no defect and works exactly as it is intended to. Trulux also uses a very unique product development process that is monitored closely by qualified professionals. Quality assurance is a big deal at the company owing to the fact that the Australian market is very competitive. To be able to keep up with the competition, you have no other choice than to bank on quality.


Cawarra Cosmetics Logo
Source: Cawarra Cosmetics Logo

Cawarra Cosmetics is considered to be a pioneer in the Australian beauty product industry. Started 35 years ago, Cawarra has now expanded into the health food industry, pharmaceuticals, chain supermarkets, among many other smaller engagements. What sets Cawaqrra apart from most of its competitors, aside from their immense experience, is their use of natural ingredients in their products. Their main target market is Australia but they also ship a huge chunk of their hair care products to other countries, especially Asia.


Natrocare Laboratories Logo

Natrocare Laboratories is based in Adelaide and for years it has been the leading manufacturer of cosmetic products in the Southern region of Australia. Natrocare provides solutions in hair care, skincare, on top of providing consultancy on everything that concerns beauty and cosmetics. Their diverse catalog includes serums, shampoos, conditioners, creams, scrubs,m sanitizers, gels, body baths, among many others.


It’s evidently clear that Australia is home to some of the most impressive manufacturers of shampoos and other beauty products in the world. The Australian haircare market has brought in about $904m in 2020 so far, that figure is expected to rise by December, proof that the local market is big enough to sustain the companies mentioned above and more.

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